The Best Acoustic Guitar Pedals in 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

Whether you’re playing a live set and need a bit of assistance, or you’re just looking to spark creativity with some new and exciting sounds – the best pedals for acoustic guitar players can make a world of difference. But, there are so many different effects pedals currently on the market that it can get overwhelming. Fortunately, we’re here to clear the air and help you find the best acoustic guitar players for your unique preferences, playing style, and budget.

We know a large portion of the acoustic guitar community is against the idea of effects pedals. After all, the natural acoustic sound is unmatched. However, there is certainly a time and place for effects pedals. But to truly unlock the value these can offer you on stage, you need the right one. And that’s what we’re here to help you do today – pick the best acoustic guitar pedal. You’ll learn what to consider when shopping for one. And, you’ll learn which pedals we deem to be the cream of the crop as it stands right now.

Before we get into our buyer’s guide or ranking process of the best pedals for acoustic guitars in 2022, we want to quickly explain the purpose of these pedals. And, we’ll also touch on why they’re such an important addition to your playing arsenal. 

Don’t Overlook the Value of the Best Acoustic Guitar Pedals!

If you’re here reading this guide to the best acoustic pedals, you probably already have an idea of what these do. However, a brief refresher never hurt! 

Acoustic guitar pedals are accessories you can add to your guitar-playing arsenal to help you unlock a more diverse range of sounds. Sounds that would otherwise be impossible to make on an acoustic guitar. When you connect to your pedal, you still hear your guitar’s natural sound – but with an effect layered over top. The specific type of effect is determined by the specific type of pedal you use.

While many acoustic guitarists swear by the natural sound and tone their instrument makes – and avoid effects pedals altogether – they add an entirely new layer to your playing ability. And in some cases, we agree – the clean, pristine sound of an acoustic guitar is best left alone. Make no mistake, though – the value of quality acoustic guitar pedals cannot be overlooked. We’ll touch on these two styles deeper in the next section, but acoustic pedals fall under two separate use cases: 

  • Correcting, shaping, or fixing your acoustic guitar’s tone
  • Adding creative effects to your acoustic guitar’s sound

There will undoubtedly come a time when you’ll need the help of a pedal to achieve one of these two outcomes. And while you may not need a complete pedalboard to get your guitar’s tone or sound where you want it, you will need to have at least a few different pedals. Fortunately for you, finding the best acoustic guitar pedal for your needs is no longer a concern. Before we can get to listing out our picks for the best acoustic pedals for guitar players like you, we want to explain the different types you’ll find at your local store or favorite online retailer. 

The Different Types of Pedals You Need for Your Acoustic Guitar

When it comes to shopping for the best acoustic guitar pedals, there are so many things to take into account. What are you looking for in a pedal – do you need something to help you dial in your acoustic guitar’s natural tone? Or, are you on the hunt for some creative sounds? The best effects pedals for acoustic guitars will differ depending on not just your goals, but your budget, too. Before we unveil our picks for the best acoustic guiat pedals, let’s start by breaking down the various types of pedals.

The Different Types of Acoustic Guitar Pedals

Just as with electric guitar pedals, there are a wide array of acoustic pedal types. We briefly mentioned earlier that these can be broken down into two categories: tone adjustment and creative effects. 

The pedals designed for shaping, correcting, or fixing your tone are the most popular. That’s because they don’t alter the sound of the natural sound of your guitar – they just optimize it while it’s played through an amp. Trying to amplify your acoustic guitar without tone adjustment will lead to a thin, lackluster sound with horrifying feedback. There are three types of pedals that may be of interest to you:

  • DI boxes/pedals – These DI boxes/pedals – also known as direct injection/direct input boxes/pedals – are used to overcome impedance mismatches and incompatibilities with your specific guitar and the amp. These are great for battling the loss of sound volume, high-end frequencies, and clarity when plugged in.
  • Preamps – These accomplish similar outcomes to the DI pedal. However, these offer a bit more versatility with EQ controls integrated right on the box.
  • EQ Pedals – These unique pedals allow you to remove the frequencies you don’t like from your guitar while adding others back in. These are very similar to preamps – but most players prefer a preamp that’s equipped with EQ adjusting capabilities.

Now – if your goal isn’t just to fix the tone of your guitar, but rather, to add some flair to your sound, you’ll want to go with one of these specific types of pedals below:

  • Reverb – this might be the most popular acoustic effect pedal. It adds ambiance and depth to your sound. It is characterized as an effect that resembles sound reflecting or bouncing off the walls in a tight space.
  • Delay – another popular effects pedal for electric and acoustic guitars alike, the delay pedal creates a sound that sort of resembles reverb – but with more delay to the sound waves bouncing, as the name suggests.
  • Chorus – for acoustic guitarists in general this is a very popular effects pedal. It creates multiple pitches of sound out of each strum. It sounds similar to a chorus of guitars all playing the exact same note but in varying pitches – which is where the name comes from.
  • Tremolo – this pedal creates a unique effect that changes the amplitude of your music. It adds depth and body to your sound – perfect for when you’re playing through an amp and losing a bit of volume.
  • Looper – if you want to create multiple layers to one song, a looper pedal will allow you to do so – with just one guitar. They do exactly what the name suggests – loop a sound you already played back again. You can lay down a groove and then loop it back so you can riff over top of it. Specifically for a beginner, these are a great addition for helping diversify your training.
  • Overdrive – this type of pedal can be very controversial in the acoustic guitar world. Many who try to use this type of effects pedal overdo it or miss the mark in their setup. The end result is something muddy on the low end and fuzzy on the high end – which, sounds terrible. Nevertheless, a good overdrive pedal can add a bit of edge to your guitar. We particularly love it for low-fi tones or blues-style playing.

Now – there are a few other types of acoustic guitar pedals, such as the phaser or compression pedals – but the styles above are the most common. At this point, it’s time to unveil our picks for the best pedals for acoustic guitars currently on the market!

The Best Pedals for Acoustic Guitars of 2022: Ranked & Reviewed

Now that you know all about the different types of effects pedals for acoustic guitars, it’s time to get to the real reason you came here today – to discover the best acoustic guitar pedals currently on the market. Down below, we’ll share our recommendations for the best acoustic pedals depending on which type of effect you’re looking for. When you go with one of these pedals you can rest assured you’re getting the quality you deserve and a pedal you can depend on for years to come. Let’s start with the best acoustic guitar reverb pedal – as this is one of our own personal favorites.

Fender Acoustic Preamp/Reverb Effects Pedal Copper

Fender Acoustic Preamp/Reverb Effects Pedal Copper

Translating the beautiful, natural sound of an acoustic guitar through an amp isn’t easy. But with the Fender Acoustic Preamp/Reverb Effects Pedal Copper, it can be! This is our choice for the best acoustic guitar reverb pedal. Here’s why: it features three different reverb settings voiced specifically for acoustics. This, paired with a hi-fi preamp integrated into the pedal, offer a great acoustic presence in any setting. It keeps distortion minimal as well. You can’t beat the reliability and longevity that comes with Fender products, either. All things considered, this is a no-brainer choice for anyone seeking the best acoustic guitar reverb pedal. Now – if you’re looking for the best looper, keep reading…

Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal

Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal

There are quite a few different loopers out there you can choose from. The Acoustic Looper1 is a great budget-friendly choice at under $50 (and, specifically designed for acoustic players!). However, the best acoustic pedal for those seeking a looper is the Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper. It grants you the ability to create 10 independent loops with extra-long 12-minute recording times. You can undo or redo loops, reverse loops, and even slow down loops with just the touch of a button. Meanwhile, this awesome pedal does a remarkable job translating your sound into high-quality, uncompressed audio. You can even record two separate instruments at once with this looper. The way you practice or perform solo sets will change forever with the help of this pedal – which is why it’s a no-brainer addition to our list of the best acoustic pedals.

Peterson StroboStomp HD Tuner Pedal

Peterson StroboStomp HD Tuner Pedal

We know that you may already have a clip-on tuner you swear by. So – why are we telling you to buy a tuner pedal? Is it really going to offer that much-added value? In our opinion, yes. Here’s why: you can silently tune your guitar to perfection during live performances. Being able to effortlessly tune your guitar with a footswitch is something you probably won’t fully appreciate until you’ve actually done it. And, another reason a tuner pedal is one of the best acoustic guitar pedals you can have is that you’ll be able to use it as a killswitch. If you need to mute your signal to change instruments, adjust your capo, or eliminate feedback, you need to be able to do it fast. And that’s what the Peterson StroboStomp HD Tuner Pedal allows you to do.

Keep in mind – this recommendation is primarily for acoustic guitarists who frequently play live in front of a crowd. If you just play for yourself or family members at home, this may not be as high up on your priority list. The StroboStomp HD provides a 100% silent, true-bypass operation mode to keep precious tone safe. Meanwhile, it eliminates the often annoying “pop” experienced when engaging such a feature in other products.

BOSS GE-7 Equalizer Pedal

BOSS GE-7 Equalizer Pedal

Earlier in this article, we talked about the importance of an EQ pedal. And, the best acoustic EQ pedal currently on the market is the BOSS GE-7 Equalizer Pedal. It’s incredibly quiet with silent FET switching. And, it offers 7 bands of EQ in the optimal range for your guitar – providing 15dB of either cut or boost in each selected range. The control this pedal offers guitarists who want to dial in their tone is unprecedented – and once you try it out yourself, you’ll see why we had to include it in our list of the best pedals for acoustic guitars.

BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus Pedal

BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus Pedal

That’s right – the second appearance by BOSS on our list of the best pedals for acoustic guitars. That’s because this brand offers the perfect balance of performance, durability, and affordability. And, their CH-1 Super Chorus Pedal is our pick for anyone looking to create clean, brilliant sounds through chorus effects. If you don’t want to invest in a separate EQ pedal, this one has effect level, EQ, rate, and depth knobs onboard to help you consolidate your pedalboard. Meanwhile, it helps you produce the swirling chorus sounds heard on many rock, jazz, country, funk, and other popular music recordings.

Fender Smolder Acoustic Overdrive Effects Pedal

Fender Smolder Acoustic Overdrive Effects Pedal

When building your pedalboard, you can’t get by without some overdrive effects. And while many acoustic guitarists struggle to find the right overdrive pedal, we’re here to eliminate doubt and make it easy – this is the one for you! Fender recognized how difficult it was to add overdrive to acoustic guitars while still maintaining the acoustic guitar sound. That’s why they designed this product specifically for use with acoustic instruments. Now – you can easily add overdrive and distortion without creating excessive feedback or poor quality sound. 

Closing Thoughts on the Best Pedals for Acoustic Guitars

Whether you’re looking to build your first pedalboard with multiple effects pedals or you just want a simple preamp/EQ pedal – we hope this resource has helped you gain confidence in your decision. At this point, it’s time for you to carefully review the information we’ve provided and decide which of these is the best acoustic guitar pedals for your unique needs. Remember – the two types of acoustic pedals can be broken down into tone correcting and tone effects. A proper pedalboard will consist of both types of pedals – so be sure to factor that into your budget before you start shopping!

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